Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1000 Journals Project

I think this is amazing. I've known about it since I was a sophomore in high school, I think. Maybe a Junior. It is this project where a guy bought 1000 journals, decorated the covers, numbered them, etc, and sent them out into the world. It is such asn incredible idea, and even more incredible that people kept it going. I wrote about it in high school, in the school paper, and even in my blog on Myspace. I wrote to the guy who started the project, got stickers from him, learned about another project (vandalsandpoets.com), but I haven't thought about it in a while, until now. I just got an e-mail saying he now has a documentary showing at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and he even has a book! I wish I could see that, and have the book. That would be so amazing!
Here is a blurb from the SFMOMA site
"This exhibition celebrates The 1000 Journals Project, an ongoing collaborative and participatory experiment that follows 1,000 blank journals as they journey around the world. Each journal is stamped with a message inviting participants to draw, paste, rip, or write on its pages, and then pass it on when finished. Exchanged by friends and strangers or left in bus shelters and other unexpected places, the books have accumulated a rich tapestry of stories, drawings, and personal reflections. Collectively, the journals have traveled to more than forty countries and all 50 states. Co-curated by anonymous project creator Someguy and Stephanie Pau of the SFMOMA Education Department, this presentation features a selection of journals that have returned to San Francisco. In keeping with the spirit of the project, journals and art supplies will be available to visitors, offering an open invitation to participate in this exciting social-art experiment."
Ahh..I love it!

Other things in my life:
Neils is getting his third tooth
I had my first day alone at work today (only my thrid day working, too)
First test of the semester
My other professor has been gone for three weeks, the sub, another professor, is kind of odd, but I really enjoy him. I enjoyed oth of them
I'm still sick. I really just have a cough now, but it is annoyoing and sucks. It is worse at night.

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